It has been brought to our notice that there are certain people that sell Bulldog puppies as “Mervander” puppies. We want people to take careful note that no Mervander puppy can ever be sold by any other breeder than MR HJ van der Merwe of Mervander Bulldogs kennel in Pretoria. If somebody breeds a litter from one or two Mervander dogs, the puppies from that litter are NOT Mervander puppies! Mervander can only guarantee puppies if they were bred by Mr HJ van der Merwe, owner of Mervander Bulldogs, who is the only breeder who can breed and register Bulldog puppies under the prefix of "Mervander". 

Therefore, if you want to ensure that you buy a real Mervander puppy, make sure the registered breeder on the KUSA Registration Certificate is Mr HJ van der Merwe and the prefix of the registered name of the puppy is “Mervander”.

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