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Quote from the Official Standard

"Conveys impression of determination, strength and activity."


Mervander comments

No other breed can compare with the Bulldog when it comes to strength of character, which is the Bulldog’s greatest attribute. The Bulldog is a true companion that can adapt to almost any situation with a true phlegmatic approach. Fierce in appearance but with a lovable personality, he is very fond of children but will seldom be attracted to a double hearted person or someone who lacks patience - he is much too intelligent for such. The Bulldog is strong willed and somewhat obstinate by nature, not of a build to be pushed around and sometimes taking his time to comply with orders. However, in time of need and trouble he is absolutely fearless and will tackle the greatest and strongest of enemies without any hesitation,  literally persevering until the end. As a protector and guard of the family home, there can be none better than the Bulldog. He thrives on companionship, not only with humans but also with other animals, provided it has been introduced to him properly and at an early age. The final proof of character can be found in the well-known saying of Bulldog owners: “What is a home without a Bulldogs?!”

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