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Quote from the Official Standard

"Shoulders broad, sloping and deep, very powerful and muscular giving the appearance of  being "tacked on" to the body."


Shock absorption

Because the Bulldog carries most of his weight on his front legs, he needs some form of shock absorption during movement. This is provided in two ways: 
  • the shoulder bone is connected to the body by means of muscles and connective tissue (i.e. tacked on to the body). The flexibility and resilience of the shoulder muscles and connective tissue helps to absorb shock during movement, provided it is strong, well developed and well connected to the body.
  • the shoulder bone (scapula) and the upper arm (humerus) forms an angle which allows for absorption of shock during movement. If the shoulder is not sloping enough (i.e. too upright), the movement will be stilted and uneven.


Correct shoulders.

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